Almond Oil
Almond Oil

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Disaar ( Cosmetic )


- COLD PRESSED OIL:100% Pure and Cold Pressed, Unrefined and Unbleached. 

- Oil is Extracted using the traditional method hence oil is thick and correct consistency which is perfect for facial cleanser, 

- Body moisturizer, Body & Scalp massage, skin softener and conditioning. 


Direction for use: 

- For hair,massage a few drops into the affected areas daily.For skin,apply by massage a peasized amount to affected area each night.Use regularly for best results. 



FOR HAIR : Has properties makes it beneficial and helps increase circulation to scalp and improves hair growth. Helps to make hair stronger, smoother. 

FOR SKIN : Is a wonderful skin moisturiser. It helps in softening and hydrating the skin wrinkles and making the skin smoother, softer and younger. 

OTHER BENEFITS : Removes tiredness from your eyes, when applied around your eyes and leave it overnight. Castor oil promotes, strengthens, thickens hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and darkens the hair colour. 

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